The earth is witnessing environmental change that is unique in its history. Increased levels of greenhouse gases are warming the planet; the extinction of species is occurring at an ever-faster rate; holes in the ozone layer are exposing us to harmful radiation. These are all the unintended consequences of human activity.  Rather than continue on this path, we must learn about these consequences to better manage our interaction with natural systems. Our one-year Master of Public Administration program emphasizes integrated thinking and learning so that our graduates will see beyond linear and fragmented approaches to coping with environmental problems.

Our goal is to cultivate a new profession that manages earth systems in ways that will ensure the long-term viability of life on our planet.

Columbia University's One-year Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy

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Application Deadlines

February 15, 2014: Final Decision

Admitted and Waitlisted Students

- More information for recently admitted students can be found here
- More information for waitlisted students can be found here


Prospective Students

To learn about the program, schedule a visit, attend classes or meet with current students, please call (212) 854-3142 or email Sarah Tweedie


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