Program Overview

  • The program emphasizes the practical skills that students need to make a difference in the world.
  • Our students stand apart in the field of sustainability because they learn to make science-based policy and management decisions.
  • Students learn from Earth Institute scientists, expert SIPA faculty, and leading sustainability practitioners.
  • New York City, a hub for sustainability innovation, becomes an extension of the classroom.
  • Graduates join an alumni network of some 750 leading professionals across the world.

The skills and concepts that students learn include:

  • Environmental economics, politics, policy, and management;DSC03288_edit
  • How to manage organizational change and innovation;
  • Perceptions of environmental quality and environmental values, and how to explain science to non-scientists and manage the work of scientists;
  • Public and environmental ethics;
  • The connections among policy intent, program design, organizational capacity, and political feasibility;
  • The relationship of program to organization and organization to budget;
  • The design of studies that are methodologically rigorous and defensible within the constraints of available resources;
  • How to work in groups and deal with group conflict;
  • Professional communication, including memo and report writing and oral briefings.