Alumni Profiles

mahamMPA in Environmental Science and Policy alum Maham Ahmed (’13) combined her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science with MPA in Environmental Science and Policy while serving as a Presidential Management Fellow at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Washington, D.C. Maham hopes to bring change to disaster response and recovery for future generations.

toddMPA in Environmental Science and Policy alumnus Todd Miner (’11) has significant experience in post-conflict and disaster areas, both abroad and in the United States. He puts the management and planning skills he acquired from the program to good use in his current role as director of Friends of Rockaway, an organization working to restore the Rockaway Peninsula in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

rsz_haydeeMPA in Environmental Science and Policy alum Haydée Rodríguez (’12) has always wanted to work in environmental law. Having started the program with a law degree and prior work experience as a program associate for the Fresh Water Action Network in Costa Rica, Haydée’s current job as an environmental advisor for the Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense is a perfect fit for her professional goals.



MPA in Environmental Science and Policy alumnus James Vener (‘07) has applied the policymaking skills he obtained through the program to positions at the United Nations Environment Programme’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP-DTIE) Energy Finance Unit in France and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bureau of Development Policy’s Environment and Energy Group in New York.

rsz_claireMPA in Environmental Science and Policy alum Claire VanZuiden (’13) develops strategies to grow and finance green companies and to help clients commercialize technologies to improve air quality, reduce waste and reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions. Claire applies the system-based thinking and hard science background that she learned in the ESP program on a daily basis to resolve environmental, energy, and development issues.