Students learn to drive sustainability through the formulation of policy and the management of organizations. The program is unique in anchoring the study of sustainability policy and management in  basic applied environmental science. The combination of science and policy makes for graduates who have a complex understanding of the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

In the science component of the curriculum, students learn the fundamental science of earth systems and conservation biology, including their human dimensions. Students go on to learn applied microeconomics and applied regression analysis, which are required for policy formulation and analysis. They also learn the core aspects of management, including organizational analysis, budgeting and financial analysis, probability theory, and reporting. At the same time, students practice the work skills that are required to be problem-solving professionals: project management, teamwork, presentation, and memo and report writing.

The 12-Month, 3-Semester Course Schedule (including final exams)

Summer Term (19 points): May 30 – August 17, 2018

  • ENVP U6111 Principles of Ecology (2 points)
  • ENVP U6112 Urban Ecology (2 points)
  • ENVP U6115 Climatology (2 points)
  • ENVP U6116 Hydrology (2 points)
  • ENVP U6220 Environmental Chemistry (2 points)
  • ENVP U6221 Risk Assessment and Environmental Toxicology (2 points)
  • ENVP U6241 Earth Systems and Environmental Politics, Policy and Management
  • ENVP U6246 Analytics in Environmental Science and Policy (1 point)
  • ENVP U9229 The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Management I

Sample Summer 2018 Calendar

Fall Term (18 points): September 4 – December 21, 2018

  • ENVP U8213 Microeconomics and Policy Analysis I
  • ENVP U9230 Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Management II
  • ENVP U6310 Quantitative Techniques and Systems Analysis in Policy Making and Management
  • ENVP U6225 Ethics Values and Justice
  • ENVP U6234 or SUMA K4100 Sustainability Management
  • One elective

Sample Fall 2018 Calendar

Spring Term (17 points): January 22 – May 17, 2019

  • ENVP U8216 Microeconomics and Policy Analysis II
  • ENVP U8201 Financial Management
  • ENVP U9232 The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Policy Analysis
  • Two electives

Sample Spring 2019 Calendar