Student-led Projects

The Workshops in Applied Earth Systems Management and in Applied Earth Systems Policy Analysis teach students how to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills to solving sustainability problems. In the summer and fall semesters, the workshops emphasize science-based analysis, communication, and management. These workshop projects are based on proposed, but not yet enacted, state, federal, or local environmental legislation. In the spring semester, students are ready to take on projects for real-world governmental or nonprofit clients. In all of the workshops, students learn the practical skills that are required to excel in any organization: teamwork, project management, presentation, and the writing of policy briefs and reports.

MPA ESP Final Briefings for the Summer 2017 Workshop were held on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 9:00AM at the Kellogg Center, 15th Floor of the International Affairs Building, Columbia University Morningside campus. 

Click here to watch the Livestream recording of the event. 

Summer 2017 Workshop Topics:

H.R. 1579: Secure and Resilient Water Systems Act
Workshop Advisor: Howard Apsan   

Int. 1515: Creation of an Energy Efficiency Program for Businesses
Workshop Advisor: Steve Cohen

 S. 826: Wildlife Innovation and Longevity Driver (WILD) Act: 
Workshop Advisor: Bob Cook

S 879: National Forest Ecosystem Improvement Act of 2017
Workshop Advisor: Matt Palmer

H.R. 962: To Prohibit Operation of Aquaculture Facilities that Contribute to Pollution of Wild and Scenic Rivers
Workshop Advisor: Louise Rosen

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