Spring Workshop Archive

Spring Workshop Projects, 2004-2018

Spring 2018

Spring 2017

  • Upstream Emissions of Coal and Gas  Report  Video
  • Microgrid Integration in New York: Challenges and Opportunities • Report  Video
  • A Blueprint for Green and Affordable Housing in NYC Report • Video
  • The New York City Water Hub: Catalyzing an Emerging Industry • Report  Video
  • Increasing Awareness of and Support for Integrated Approaches to Conservation for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust • Report  Video

Spring 2016

  • Replicable and Scalable Urban Sustainability Solutions • Report • Video
  • Creating a Strategy for Education on the Critical Issues of US Water • Report • Video
  • Sustainability for Competitiveness: Business Case Development • Report • Video
  • CITES CoP 17: Making it a Success • Report Part 1Report Part 2 • Video
  • The Hurricane Sandy Charitable Organization and House of Worship Recovery Task Force: Recommendations for Preparedness, Recovery, and Resiliency • Report • Video

Spring 2015

  • Quantifying the Financial Costs to Communities of Handling/Preventing Trash in Waterways • Report Video
  • Natural Resources Defense Council’s Urban Solutions Program • Report Video
  • Assessing incentive program models to advance energy efficiency in NYC multifamily buildings • Report Video
  • Implementation plan for the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC)  • Report Video
  • Developing policies and legal frameworks to incentivize forest protection • Report Video
  • Climate Change Strategies for Raritan Headwaters Association • Report Video

Spring 2014

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of NY’s solar incentive programs in reaching an economically diverse residential customer base • Report Video
  • Sustainable Economic Development through Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Assets and Higher Education • Report Video
  • Analysis of New York City Department of Sanitation’s Residential Enrollment Programs • ReportVideo
  • The Restructure of the Governance and Financial Regimes of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey • Report • ReportVideo
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency in New York State Government Buildings • ReportVideo
  • Building Resilience to Natural Disasters on the Rockaway Peninsula • ReportVideo

Spring 2013

  • Development of a GIS and Remote Sensing based Integrated Decision Support Tool for Water Resources, Environmental Sustainability, and Validation of Safe Water Stations Siting • ReportVideo
  • Climate Justice- Research for the World Resources Institute • ReportVideo
  • The Future of PlaNYC: An Urban Sustainability Benchmarking Study & Recommendations for PlaNYC’s Success Post-Bloomberg • ReportVideo
  • Advancing Education for Sustainable Development: Designing a Pilot Program for the Park Slope Education Complex • ReportVideo
  • Assisting Congress to Better Understand Environmental Justice • ReportVideo
  • Energy Crisis: Reducing Rising Energy Demands through Tree-Based Conservation Programs • ReportVideo

Spring 2012

  • Identifying corporate and stakeholder communities to collaborate on Climate Change with The World Federation of the United Nations Associations • ReportVideo
  • Measuring and Reducing Greenhouse Gasses in NYC’s Communities • ReportVideo
  • Conducting a feasibility study for Patagonia Sur Foundation • ReportVideo
  • Managing Food Waste in the Urban Environment • ReportVideo
  • Building the First Sustainability Rating System for Local Governments • ReportVideo

Spring 2011

  • Promoting Private Investment in the Protection of Wetlands • ReportVideo
  • Sustainable Redevelopment of the Port of Gulfport • ReportVideo
  • High School for Sustainability • ReportVideo
  • Enhancing the Feasibility of Electric Vehicles in New York City • ReportVideo
  • The Evolving Role of Climate Policies in Development • ReportVideo

Spring 2010

  • Human Impacts on Biodiversity Conservation • ReportVideo
  • Evaluating Environmental Justice Strategies in Federal Agencies • ReportVideo
  • Sustainable Water in Abu Dhabi • ReportVideo
  • Understanding New York City’s Food Supply • ReportVideo
  • Evaluating Climate International Change Regime Possibilities • ReportVideo

Spring 2009

  • Payments for Environmental/Ecological Services • Report
  • Retrofitting NYC Apartments for Energy Efficiency • Report
  • Long-Term Ecosystem Management Options for Gateway National Park • Report
  • Reducing a National Organization’s Impact on Climate Change • Report
  • Renewable Energy Payments (REPs) Policies for the USA • Report

Spring 2008

  • EPA Region II Act Locally  • Report
  • Ocean Observing and Emergency Management  • Report
  • Sustainable South Bronx • Report
  • UN Food Programme and Climate Change in West Africa • Report
  • The Potential Role of Biofuels in New Jersey • Report

Spring 2007

  • Maintenance Funding: Recommendations for the South Bronx Greenway • Report
  • Green Building for Affordable Housing in Manhattan • Report
  • Power to the People: Promoting Micro-Investment in Distributed Generation in the European Union • Report
  • Waste to Energy: A Possibility for Puerto Rico • Report
  • Bridging the Gap: Tools for Conservation and Development • Report

Spring 2006

  • Community Wind Development  • Report
  • Corruption & Environmental Degradation A project for: Transparency International  • Report
  • Electronic Waste in New York City: Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility in the Big Apple • Report
  • The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: An Evaluation of its Design and Administration • Report
  • Sustainable South Bronx: Greening an Industry • Report

Spring 2005

  • Battery Park City Authority: Green Retrofitting & Environmental Efficiency Now • Report
  • Transporting New York City to a Sustainable Future • Report
  • Solid Waste Alternatives for New York City • Report
  • Reducing Transaction Costs of GHG Abatement • Report
  • Water Quality Problems and Solutions in Jamaica Bay: Analyzing the Role of Wastewater • Report